The Coloc vs Chamomile discussion – Amended

Recently, a colleague put up the following case for discussion:

A colicky baby:. The colic is painful – the baby is doubling up in pain, screaming, crying, very cranky, impatient and snappish. The baby wants something – only to push it away. She can only be comforted by being carried. The stool is offensive – smells like rotten eggs, and she passes a lot of gas.

My colleague put up the following repertorization:

The repertorization was done in Complete Dynamics.  The rubrics taken were
Mind, desires: many things impatiently, dislikes its favorite playthings, child
Abdomen, bending, amel; double
Abdomen, flatulence, colic in
Stool, eggs, rotten odor like
Generalities, carried, amel being

The repertorization leads most strongly to chamomilla, with Staphysagria and Cina as close contenders.

I decided to put it through Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook in the P&W software. I took the only symptoms that seemed absolutely certain in this case.  They were

 The need to bend double – the amelioration from it was not clear to me, but there was definitely a need to go into that position
The offensive smelling stool and gas
The fretfulness of the disposition

I got the following repertorization chart:

The repertorization points very clearly to Colocynthis.  But then what do we do with the symptom desire to be or amelioration from being carried?  How certain is that symptom – and how useful is it?

In the original version of this article, due to a bad hair day, too much booze or problems with my search engine (now repertorize that!), I wrote how Chamomile does not show up in the proving or the Therapeutic Pocket Book has having desire to be or amelioration from being carried.  Well – it ain’t necessarily so – or ain’t so at all in this case.  The symptoms do appear in the proving and in the material medica.

But does that make a difference in this case?  Since the central problem is the colic, and the colic is expressed by the baby doubling up in pain, that symptom is crucial to the case.  And that symptom does not appear in Chamomile.

The central symptoms still stand, and they point very clearly, firmly and in a straight line to Coloc.  Coloc is the remedy that can produce these symptoms in a healthy person.  And Coloc is the remedy that can cure them in a sick person.

However, the kerfuffle around Chamomile brought benefits.  It led to some very interesting discussion with Dr. Guillermo Zamora, a colleague, homeopath and P&W Spanish language blogger – on the subject of Chamomile, Colic and Colocynthis.  To be discussed further in my next article – watch this space.



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