The importance of standards

I was planning to write something different today, but while researching I came across the following quote by Hahnemann recommending a standard potency of 30C in 1829:

“How anxious Hahnemann was at that time to set a limit to the over-enthusiasm of his students [in experimenting with potencies – VR], is best shown by the following letter to Dr Schréter [1803-64], of Lemberg, of the 12 Sept 1829: “I do not approve of your potentising medicines higher than to XII and XXII – there must be a limit to the matter, it cannot go on indefinitely. But by definitely deciding that homoeopathic medicines should be diluted and potentised up to X (= 30c) a homogeneous process arises in the cures of all homoeopaths and if they describe a cure, we are able to work after them in the same degree, since they are operating with the same tools as we are. Then our enemies cannot reproach us with all having nothing definite, no fixed standard.”  [bold is mine – VR]

Hahnemann was very aware that the concept of homoeopathy as scientific could not be maintained where there were no fixed standards.  As I read that quote it really seemed that Hahnemann was looking into the future and finding it just as he expected…

The full text of the article (by Peter Morell on Homoeopathy and Isopathy) can be found here:


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