Viewed through proving: Bryonia and Rhus Tox, together forever…

Viewed through proving: Bryonia and Rhus Tox, together forever…

Spot the differences

The whole question of movement aggravates or ameliorates in Bryonia and Rhus Tox is so frequently highlighted, but what about the full remedies?  What makes them so similar?  What else can be used to differentiate them?

Bryonia is often mentioned for those worrying about business.  Well – sorry folks, but symptoms 852, 853 and 870 in the proving of Rhus Tox show that where worries about business are concerned, Rhus Tox is no slouch:

852. When he tried to go to sleep his business presented itself to him in a dream, in an anxious manner.
853. In the evening when asleep he talks half aloud about his daily business (aft. 12 h.).
870. At night he talks in his sleep about his business, wishes to throw away everything, and longs for one thing or another.

Both are worse for stooping, both have nosebleeds (although Bry could have them while sleeping), both hear noises in the ears, both can be very thirsty.

Both are worse from treading, although in Rhus Tox, it’s more localized, whereas in Bryonia it can be a general aggravation and a headache aggravation too.

Both are worse after eating, but in Rhus Tox it is stronger and more marked.  Both can have sneezing and hoarseness.  Both can be worse from walking in the open air and perspiring.

So far, in so many ways, these two remedies seem to be running neck and…er…clammy perspiring neck…

A significant difference can be seen regarding restlessness, night and dreams.

Both remedies can have bad nights, but Rhus Tox’s bad nights are compounded by restlessness. From the description in the provings, the following picture emerges: Rhus Tox can’t get to sleep, is very restless and doesn’t get much dream action.  Bryonia is less restless and does get enough sleep to dream – but is not sleeping well and the dreams and delusions are not the pleasant kind.

Rhus has twice as many restlessness symptoms in the proving, and it is noticeable that the restlessness relates to the night, to the disposition and to the general organism, whereas in Bryonia it is only at night and during dreams.

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