Potentization – what’s it really all about?

Potentization – what’s it really all about?

How did Hahnemann reach his conclusions regarding trituration and succussion as ways to potentize remedies?  The key to this – the key to so many questions regarding Hahnemann’s practice – is in the Lesser Writings.

Hahnemann observed that when steel was struck on flint to produce fire, tiny molten steel balls were left on the paper.  The process of friction had actually melted some of the steel, something that needs a temperature of over 1649 degrees Celsius (3000 Fahrenheit) to do.  From this he deduced that a tremendous amount of energy must be released through friction, and his observation appears on pages 730-731 of the 1852 English language edition of the Lesser Writings.

To read the description in Hahnemann’s words, follow the link here.


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