Viewed through Proving: Lycopodium Dreamin’

Some things we expect – if we have any familiarity with use of a remedy.  As I believe most readers of these humble offerings do.  We expect Lycopodium to loom large on anything to do with digestion.  We look for it in our case taking when we suspect the remedy.  We begin to ask our patients gas-related questions, as they, unused to being asked questions about when, where, and how they pass wind, either squirm uncomfortably with the questioning or, more frequently, respond with great relief at being able to talk in great detail about the symptoms  that cause them  great discomfort and embarrassment .  Thus far flatus.

Perhaps less expected in the proving is the prominence of symptoms relating to sleep, sleepiness and dreams in the proving.  Granted it is a large proving, 1608 symptoms in total.  The leading areas where symptoms are to be found relate predictably to the stomach (145 symptoms – 14 bold), the lower extremities (139 symptoms – 6 bold), generalities (153 including fever related symptoms – 5 bold).  Respiration and cough also star with a respectable  99 symptoms.

However – 113 symptoms out of the proving relate to sleep, sleepiness and dreams.  Out of these symptoms , a full 20 are given in bold.  That’s close to 20% of all the sleep symptoms.   Just for the sake of comparison,  Nux Vomica, with a total of 1301 symptoms, weighs in with 69 symptoms, 5 of them bold.  Ignatia, a smaller remedy with a total of 803 symptoms, has 61 symptoms, 4 bold.

I’ve given Lycopodium’s bold symptoms below.   It’s well worth looking at these 20 symptoms within the context of all the sleep and dreams symptoms in the proving.

1456.             Much yawning (aft. 7 d.).
1471.             Restless sleep, for several nights, on account of great excitement.
1473.             Uneasy sleep, repeated awaking, and at 4 A.M. she is wide awake again.
1477.             Sleep, with confused dreams.
1478.             Sleep, restless with confused dreams, in which he believes himself to be now here, now there, while he awakes frequently, and gets up in the morning more tired than when he lay down in the evening.
1481.             Uneasy sleep at night, he tosses about, wakes up and fancies himself now here, now there.
1482.             Sleep full of fancies.
1489.             She often laughs out aloud in sleep.
1497.             He often wakes at night from frightful dreams.
1498.             Starting up, when going to sleep.
1501.             Anxious dreams at night.
1509.             Restless sleep, with frequent awaking from anxious dreams. [Gff.].
1510.             Vivid, anxious dreams, at night.
1516.             Screaming in sleep, with delirious words.
1517.             Anxious screaming in sleep, several times (aft. 10 d.).
1530.             Almost every evening in bed, palpitation.
1533.             At night, no position was comfortable, which vexed him even to weeping.
1544.             In the evening in bed, troublesome pressure in the stomach, improved by rubbing (the first days).
1565.             Sleep, unrefreshing (aft. 16 h.)
1567.             In the morning, on rising, weary and heavy (aft. 48 h.).


3 responses to “Viewed through Proving: Lycopodium Dreamin’

  1. Very interesting article. Thanks for posting. I was just started on Lycopodium. I am very interested in learning more about this remedy and how it will work for me (I hope)!

    • Vera Resnick IHM DHom Med (Lic)

      Thanks for your comment – there is so much to learn about remedies in general and this remedy in particular! How it works for you is very individual though, depending a lot on the way the prescribing symptoms are chosen to reach the remedy. Our goal as prescribers is to prescribe in such a way where hope doesn’t come into it, although obstacles to cure often can’t be avoided. I put an article up recently in the pages which you may find interesting, which relates to the “default” nature of curative action from homoeopathy:

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