Viewed through proving: Calc-Carb (and a good cup of coffee)

Yes, the title of this post has no relevance whatsoever to the content.  But it’s Sunday morning.  As if that explains anything…

What better way to start the week than to read some of Hahnemann’s prescribing notes regarding Calc Carb?  Well, probably a really good cup of coffee at your favourite “work-café”… true confessions of a coffee-drinking homoeopath…

Back to the plot.  In the introduction to the proving of Calcarea Carbonica, Hahnemann (as is frequently his wont) has provided some useful prescribing notes for the remedy.  Since the remedy is so broad and deep (not to mention long – 1631 symptoms), every little helps.

I’ve taken the liberty of summarizing Hahnemann’s notes in a little pop-quiz… the notes themselves appear at the end of the page so you can cheat if you really need to…

What remedy can be used when Nit-Ac has been well prescribed but doesn’t seem to be doing the job?
What remedy when well chosen can be followed well by Nit-Ac, which will neutralize any unfavourable effects and change them into positive results?
What remedy produces nausea, which can be best antidoted by a good sniff of Nit-Ac – even better than smelling camphor?
What remedy may have troublesome effects which call for Nux-Vomica?
What remedy is useful after Sulphur, and when the pupils of the eyes may dilate?
What remedy is great with profuse menses if menses are a bit early, but not much use if they are on time? And what remedy is great for children and can be repeated frequently, but is less useful when repeated in older people?


It’s clear that the relationship between Calc-C and Nit-Ac is worth further exploration, something I plan to do in a future entry.

The following is directly quoted from the proving in Chronic Diseases:

When nitric acid, given previously, though selected apparently properly, yet acts in some respects unfavorably, then Calcarea may generally be profitably employed ; so also any unfavorable effects of Calcarea, even when selected apparently homoeopathically, may be neutralized by following it with nitric acid, and the effect will be changed into favorable ones. Especially in nausea, produced by Calcarea, removed by smelling of the spirits of nitre ; this is almost a specific and much more effective than smelling of camphor.

There are, however, troublesome effects which call for the smelling of nux vomica. Calcarea is frequently useful after the use of sulphur, also when the pupils of the eyes are apt to dilate.

If the catamenia usually come several days before the period and are excessive, Calcarea is frequently the indispensable curative and the more so, the more abundant the flow. But if the menses always appear at the right period or later, even if the menses are profuse, Calcarea is yet but rarely useful.

Calcarea can rarely be advantageously repeated with older persons, even after other intervening medicines, and very rarely, yea, hardly ever, can its doses be repeated at once, without injury. But with children, when it is indicated by the symptoms, it may be repeated several times, and the younger they are, the more frequently.


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