Viewed through Proving: Calc-Carb – last one for the road…

The patient comes in doubled over in pain from stomach ache.
The mother reports that the child always bends forwards with colic.
The patient reports that he feels so tired he just feels he has to close his eyes the whole time.
The patient reports that his legs ache, he just has to sit down.

I ask in each case – does that make you feel better?  Do you feel better from lying down, sitting down, rubbing the part, bending double?   They answer – not really,  I just feel I have to do it.

Aha, you say, she’s looking for the modalities.  She’s looking for the aggravation and amelioration.  And you would be quite right.  But do the kind of statements reported above really count as clear ameliorations?

They do often appear as ameliorations in repertories.  However, if we check with provings before prescribing, we see a different form of language used for this kind of symptom, which can help tremendously useful in confirming remedy choice.  It’s often the language used by the patient in reporting it…

Calcarea is blessed (or is it cursed?) with some symptoms like these in the proving.  Here are some examples:

113. [-] Stupefying pressive pain in the forehead, with lack of the power of recollection and fogginess of the whole head, during reading ; he had to stop in reading and knew not where he was. [Lgh.].

223. [-] Tickling itching of the hairy scalp compelling to scratch, with painfulness to the touch of the roots of the hair. [Lgh.].

516.  Sensation as of a foreign body in the pharynx, always compelling him to swallow (aft. 15 d.).

1065. He has to breathe deeply, and then there are stitches, now in the right side, now in the left of the chest and lower ribs.

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