Viewed through proving: Mercury, fevers and a challenge

Well, back to what appears to be a favourite subject for me – composite fever symptoms, meaning symptoms where you get combinations of heat, cold, shivering, perspiration, chills, shuddering – all in different patterns.  We looked at Boenninghausen’s use of Sambucus, in a case where there was dry heat while asleep, alternating with perspiration when awake.

Mercury has an interesting fever symptom in the proving with a pattern.

1187.     Fever: at first heat and redness in the face and hot feeling in the whole body, especially in the interior of the hands, without externally perceptible warmth alternating with internal chilliness, which compels him to lie down, a rigor even into the night, and along with, this rigor hot feeling in the palms of the hands, with icy cold finger tips.

If we see the Law of Similars as Hahnemann saw it, a natural law which is a default – meaning unless something prevents it, healing must occur – this means that if you see this fever picture and other symptoms fit, Mercury must produce a curative response.

My challenge to you – and you can comment here or on facebook, or just do this as a private exercise.  Look for the symptom in your repertory – whichever one you use.  Look for it in its entirety if you work that way, break it down into its components, look for a representation of Mercury through the repertory.  See which of the rubrics you find point to Mercury – and which don’t.

By the time you finish this exercise you may or may not have found Mercury through repertorisation – but chances are that you will never forget this composite fever symptom!


2 responses to “Viewed through proving: Mercury, fevers and a challenge

  1. Dear Vera

    I would choose these symptoms in Boeninghausen’s repertory (without checking on the reversed materia medica):

    please correct my mistakes

    Using Synthesis ( much more complicated):

    thanks marco

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