Viewed through Proving: Alumina – Overview and some things perhaps you didn’t know…

One last look at Alumina before the weekend.  Here goes…

The Alumina proving has a respectable 1161 symptoms, representing all systems in the body.  The proving is a compilation by Hahnemann of symptoms gained from a Hartlaub and Trinks proving, symptoms added by Hahnemann from a slightly different preparation, and symptoms from Dr. H. G. Bute from Philadelphia.

Not many symptoms are presented in bold print in this proving.  The main areas where symptoms in bold appear are:

Lower extremities
Sleep, sleepiness and dreams
Eyes and vision
Mental and emotional

Several symptoms caught my eye while working with this proving:

1.   Perhaps because of my troubled dreams about Lady Macbeth, I noticed that Alumina is a leader in terms of anxious dreams.  Alumina sleep is full of dead people, fire, ghosts, misfortune, quarrels and conflicts, thieves, water and more. Definitely enough to make you sleepwalk…

2.  The nature of Alumina’s vertigo also caught my attention.  When a patient complains of dizziness we need to ask questions like – do you feel you’re spinning, or that the room is spinning around you?  Do you feel you’re whirling or that the bed is whirling?  Or both?   When someone is experiencing dizziness, they can often be surprisingly specific about the nature of their dizzinesss, providing useful information in the search of the best prescription.

In Alumina, the vertigo is presented repeatedly and very clearly (emphasis is mine):

62.          Vertigo even to falling, the whole room turns with her ; she has to sit down at once, in the afternoon at 4 (3d day). [S.].
63.          Vertigo, everything turns around with him ; with nausea.
64.          Everything turns around with him before his eyes.

3.  A further Alumina characteristic is its alternating nature, represented in its periodicity and in areas where symptoms alternate, either quickly, or more slowly.  Here are some of the alternating symptoms from the proving (emphasis is mine):

53.          Great liveliness of spirit, alternating with absence of mind, while thought, vision and hearing seem indistinct and to have almost vanished.

74.          The head feels as if in a fog and intoxicated ; she feels as if she ought to turn around, for 9 days ; this symptom alternated with a pain in the kidneys, so that as this pain increased the giddy feeling diminished, and vice versa (aft. 30 d.). [S.].

163.        Alternating pressure in the eyelids (1st d.). [Tr.].

261.        Quickly alternating paleness and redness of the face.

351.        Vehemently pressive pain as if a spot in the œsophagus was constricted or pressed together in the middle of the chest, especially while swallowing, but also at other times, with alternating oppression of the chest and palpitation of the heart, especially after meals (8th, 9th d.). [Tr.].

495.        [495] Dull stitches alternately under the left short ribs and in the right side of the abdomen (4th d.). [Tr.].

674.        It seems to lessen the sexual impulse and to increase the erections in the beginning, while in its after effects the inclination for coition is increased, but the erections are lacking.

785.        [785] Pressive pain in the middle of the chest, alternating with a sensation of tightness and violent palpitation, especially after meals (8th, 9th d.). [Tr.].

1017.     An attack : first he sat still without answering, then anxious groaning for 5 minutes, then for 10 minutes severe convulsive laughter, then again weeping ; then alternately laughter and weeping.

1148.     Evening fever, chill and heat, frequently alternating, with a hot face and chills and shuddering in the rest of the body.


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