Hahnemann on China – then as now

Hahnemann 1Hahnemann’s words from the introduction to China in the Materia Medica Pura are truly timeless and need no further comment:

“As long ago as the year 1790 …I made the first pure trial with cinchona bark upon myself, in reference to its power of exciting intermittent fever.

“With this first trial broke upon me the dawn that has since brightened into the most brilliant day of the medical art; that it is only in virtue of their power to make the healthy human being ill that medicines can cure morbid states, and indeed, only such morbid states are composed of symptoms which the drug to be selected for them can itself produce in similarity on the healthy.

“This is a truth so incontrovertible, so absolutely without exception, that all the venom poured out on it by the members of the medical guild, blinded by their thousand-years old prejudices, is powerless to extinguish it; as powerless as were the vituperations launched against HARVEY’s immortal discovery of the greater circulation in the human body by RIOLAN and his crew to destroy the truth revealed by HARVEY. These opponents of an inextinguishable truth fought with the same despicable weapons as do to-day the adversaries of the homoeopathic medical doctrine.

“Like their modern congeners they also refrained from repeating his experiments in a true, careful manner, (for fear lest they might be confuted by facts), and confined themselves to abuse, appealing to the great antiquity of their error…This blindness, this obstinate appeal to the extreme antiquity of their delusion… was in those days not more stupid than the blindness of to-day, and the present aimless rancour against homoeopathy which exposes the pernicious rubbish talked about ancient and modern arbitrary maxims and unjustifiable practices, and teaches that it is only by the responses given by nature when questioned that we can with sure prescience change diseases into health rapidly, gently, and permanently.”

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