Hahnemann on dilutions: Experience and observation

hahnemannWhen having to explain dilutions to those who think Hahnemann was just an off-the-wall eccentric, it’s important to remember that Hahnemann himself predicted and experienced such criticism, and prepared responses for just such questioning.  He presents his reasoned response in the proving of China, and his words are helpful in explaining the issue today.  Hahnemann’s homoeopathy was based on multiplied experience and faithful observation rather than on unfathomable theory or spiritual idea, something he repeats frequently in many of his writings.

In the case neither of this nor of any other medicine did a preconceived opinion or an eccentric fancy lead me to this minuteness of dose. No, multiplied experience and faithful observation led me to reduce the dose to such an extent. Led by experience and observations I clearly saw that larger doses, even where they did good, acted much more powerfully than was needed for the cure. Hence the smaller doses; and as I repeatedly observed from these the same effects though in a less degree, I gave still smaller, and the very smallest doses. These proved sufficient to effect a complete cure, and they did not display the violence of larger doses, which tends to delay the cure.


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