Viewed through Proving: Iodium thoughts

viewed through proving defaultThe symptoms found in the proving of Iodium overlap with many other remedies. Apart from the possibility of using thyroid issues as a pointer to this remedy, something that should be done with caution to ensure the presenting symptoms are within the prescribing picture, the mental picture from the proving is worth considering.

Rather than comment, summarize or interfere in any other way with your direct reading of the proving – I’ve included the mental symptoms below.  I’ve removed names and notes to emphasize the symptoms themselves in a more immediate way. You can find all the information in the proving in Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases.

  1. Dejection.
  2. Gloomy mood. .
  3. Sad, melancholy mood.
  4. Hypochondriac mood.
  5. Sadness
  6. Very ill-humored and sensitive during the whole period of digestion, from noon till evening, with an oppressive sensation in the throat and chest, as when one is about to weep.
  7. Oppression of the chest.
  8. Constant inclination to weeping.
  9. Now disposed to weep, then again inclined to be glad.
  10. Apprehensiveness after some manual work ; it goes off while sitting.
  11. Anxiety.
  12. Anxious oppression.
  13. Great anxiety.
  14. Great anxiety and oppression.
  15. Oppression, and tightness of the chest.
  16. Anxiety and dejection ; the patients generally busy themselves with the present.
  17. Restless moving about; she runs about incessantly and does not get to sit down, nor does she sleep at night, so that she has to be considered as crazy.
  18. Restlessness, which keeps the body in constant activity.
  19. Restlessness
  20. Aversion to sitting still.
  21. He is afraid at every trifle, that one or another mishap may rise from it.
  22. Discouragement
  23. Discouragement and despondency, which continues also during the pains in a very depressing manner.
  24. Aversion to work.
  25. He feels unable to do anything.
  26. Her phlegmatic disposition has disappeared; she has become blooming, stronger and more lively.
  27. Peevish, cross, she is not suited by anything.
  28. Inordinately great irritability to anger.
  29. Increased sensation and irritability.
  30. Sensitiveness to noise.
  31. Increased sensitiveness to external impressions.
  32. The mind and nervous system is affected.
  33. Unusual excitement of the nervous system.
  34. Excessively merry and loquacious ; she does not give any one a chance to say a word.


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