Dry-dose envy…

glass cup street musician

glass cup street musician

I envy dry dose prescribers in chronic cases. There, I’ve said it.

When you prescribe dry dose, you (frequently) get to give the patient a remedy to take and send them away for 4-6 weeks.https://pandwisrael.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2098&action=edit

Aggravation? Of course there’s aggravation, as you explain carefully to them. No pain, no gain, right? And painfulness is right up there with godliness, correct? But the amelioration is so worth it…

As long as something’s going on, you don’t repeat. Nada. Kent gives you permission to stand firm – for once echoing Hahnemann’s instructions (from the 4th Organon, that is…)

You know you won’t be repeating till it’s absolutely certain that the remedy is no longer acting – so you don’t need feedback, or to make decisions in-between appointments, or to call patients in for additional appointments because the symptom picture seems to be changing. You see them, take the case, prescribe, and then you and the patient basically sit back and watch and wait…

And you give the dose in dry form! At the risk of sounding like a teenager – how cool is that! No messing with bottles, succussions, dilutions, more dilutions, sensitivities and yet more dilution cups, until the patient could start his own glass cup orchestra.

So why go for 6th Organon medicinal solutions? Why go for more frequent repeating? Why go to the trouble of explaining to our patients as their eyes glaze over that they must succuss the bottle, no, not percuss, not discuss, succuss, which means…please read the leaflet, didn’t you read the leaflet, watch the clip, you’ll see exactly how…

Don’t get me wrong, some patients are amazing. They get it, they get into the rhythm of 6th Organon repetition, understanding when to stop and when to restart, but infinitely more patient understanding and compliance is needed than when you just gently introduce two pills under their tongues in the clinic and send them away for an interesting 4-6 weeks…

Having worked with both dry and medicinal solutions, I have to say that medicinal solutions are more complicated to operate. So why bother?

– reducing aggravation: this was important to Hahnemann – why should it not be important to us? I do not believe that pain and suffering is an essential part of the process (and I was brought up on British NHS dental treatment, so I know whereof I speak…) I think Hahnemann meant “gentle” when he wrote “gentle”, not just “gentle versus medieval practices of his day”. The fact that he worked on formulations which would cause less aggravations, and that he taught the importance of assessing and relating to patient sensitivity I feel is proof of this.

– Aggravations appear later on: Typical use of LMs using increased dilution cups where necessary in order to avoid pushbacks in sensitive patients enables a situation where you see aggravations later rather than earlier, when the patient is also somewhat stronger and better able to deal with them.

– Speed: you can go faster in chronic cases when your remedy format allows you to repeat as long as there is gradual improvement and no drastic change in symptom picture.

– Fine tuning the remedy: whether using 6th Organon medicinal solutions for LMs or even for C potencies, you can ring the changes in dilutions and succussions, changing the potencies very slightly every time. In this way, you can work with sensitive patients more effectively, fine-tuning remedies as needed.

– Opportunity knocks: sometimes a symptom picture change will happen in-between appointments. If your style is to sit behind a large desk and only see or speak to your patients every 4-6 weeks, you may also be missing those opportunities, when a symptom picture change is reported during regular feedback which can send a case into a glorious swoop towards resolution and cure.

– Better use of resources: There are around 250 tiny grains (approximately) in one single dose vial. Although some homoeopaths actually only dispense 3 or 4 grains to the patient, many instruct their patients to chug-a-lug the entire vial… A patient experienced the benefits of Arnica after using up a small Arnica 30C sample he had received with 12 pills.   He ran out after three days because he had been taking 4 pills dry every day, when he could have made up a medicinal solution with one pill, added some brandy, and used that for the entire period.

I have to admit that writing this piece has been very therapeutic. I don’t envy 4th Organon practitioners any more (well, not really, just occasionally…)

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