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Birth control pills and IUDs – cause and maintaining cause

Sometimes it’s a question of finding reasons, not giving remedies.


A patient came to me recently suffering from anal fissure, hemorrhoids and constipation.  In that order – the fissure began several years previously, then the hemorrhoids appeared, and in recent months she began suffering from constipation.  In itself this progression looks odd, as usually we’d expect the constipation to come first.  But then the patient reported that she was completely clear from symptoms during pregnancy and immediately after giving birth. And then the nightmare began again.  Curiouser and curiouser, to borrow an expression. Continue reading

Pharma vs. Homoeopathy?

The following article sets out what is happening with great clarity:

remedies pharmacyIs Pharma Trying to Eliminate the Homeopathic Competition?
By Larry Malerba, DO

For the full article with references, click here

Homeopathy is a thorn in the side of Pharma because of the fact that its unique medicines are FDA regulated, safe, inexpensive, and can’t be patented.

Now that the deadline for public comment at FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has officially come to a close, supporters of homeopathy are waiting to see what steps, if any, will be taken to further regulate the marketing of homeopathic medicines. In light of these developments and other recent events, some believe that there is an organized effort under way to discredit this venerable medical art and science. Continue reading

Only 25% of cases in the recent US measles outbreak were vaccine refusers

Article by Meryl Nass MD – view the original here

FACTS: Only 25% of recent US measles cases were vaccine refusers; there have been no US measles deaths since 2003; most of those with measles have been adults/ CDC

 A few facts about measles need to be told.  Measles is not rapidly expanding in the US or internationally, and CDC says the rate of vaccination for measles has been stable since 1994. (However, in some states, like Oregon, the number of vaccine waivers has tripled to 6% in about 10 years.  In response, last March Oregon tightened its rules for vaccine exemptions, requiring parents to be educated about vaccines before refusing.) The following comes exclusively from the CDC and WHO.

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Vaccinations: would you rather be persuaded or informed…

The following is a 20 minute excerpt from an excellent presentation on vaccines given by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, an internist and nephrologist who has explored the subject of vaccinations and their effects in depth.

In the clip, Dr. Humphries reveals Mayo clinic instructions given to doctors regarding how they should deal with “vaccine-hesitant parents” when presenting the subject of vaccination.  Doctors are instructed to avoid giving patients any links or printed information, and to “persuade rather than inform”… Continue reading

Australia Silences Criticism Of Vaccines, Benefits of Homeopathy

australiaBy Brandon Turbeville
Global Research, December 30, 2014

When the facts surrounding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines begin to be brought into the light, the only option left for those who manufacture, promote, and/or force vaccines onto the general population is to silence the presentation of those facts. Indeed, it is also imperative that those same forces prevent any alternatives to vaccination and financially incentivized medical dogma from becoming known amongst the general public. Continue reading

Hahnemann nails the argument…

By Vera Resnick

hahnemannIn his preface to the proving of Arsenicum Album in Chronic Diseases, Hahnemann really nails many of the arguments we face in our own, modern allopathically brainwashed societies today. Rather than comment, here is Hahnemann in his own pithy, erudite, and very sharp words. I’ve highlighted some words in bold. This is only an excerpt. There’s more. Go read.


“As I write down the word Arsenic, momentous memories seize upon my soul. Continue reading

Making the treatment worse than the disease

Robert Hutchinson

Robert Hutchinson

By Professor Dr. BM Hegde

The great 19th century physician, Robert Hutchinson, had a daily prayer which ran: “God! Give me deliverance from treating sick human beings as cases, not letting the well alone and making my treatment worse than his disease.” Continue reading

The CDC’s patent on Ebola

ebola pic
(NaturalNews), by Mike Adams

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control owns a patent on a particular strain of Ebola known as “EboBun.” It’s patent No. CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010. You can view it here. (Thanks to Natural News readers who found this and brought it to our attention.) Continue reading

Former Merck doctor speaks out against Gardasil and Arcoxia

arcox gardasilThe following was published on the main IHM site. 

Please note the comments regarding Arcoxia – prohibited in some countries but still very commonly prescribed and a drug I’ve spoken of (negatively) in the past. 

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Restrictions during homoeopathic treatment: In search of the tone of the distant flute

distant flute“…in the dead of night, when all the sounds of day are hushed and perfect stillness prevails, the undisturbed ear distinctly perceives the softest tone of a distant flute…”

Reading Hahnemann is often a bracing experience.    When I read his thoughts, which he expresses so succinctly and sharply, I find myself looking at my practice and wondering…  Hahnemann’s introduction to China offers many expressions of the bracing sort… This particular subject, relating to medications and lifestyle of the patient while in treatment , appears in Hahnemann’s notes on his proving of China. Continue reading