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Homoeopathy studies in extremis

hahnemann monument at Leipzig

Hahnemann monument in Leipzig

How long to study homoeopathy?  There are four-year courses which are considered very prestigious.  There are courses of several hours in some countries offered to medical doctors who wish to add some homoeopathic letters to their names – and it might be added here that the extent of instruction is often homoeopathic in terms of the size of the dose, but not necessarily the aptness of the prescription… Continue reading

Hahnemann’s Concept of Illness

The following is part of a series of articles written by Gary Weaver on subjects which will be discussed at the Mallorca seminar.  To see all the articles click on the P&W English Blog tab in the navbar.

Hahnemann’s concept of Illness

Hahnemann believed that the signs and symptoms of a case of illness represented an attempt by the body to heal itself. Continue reading

Final Mallorca Seminar 2013

Hotel_SeminarThere are a couple of dates available for booking the room for a seminar in Mallorca. Continue reading