IHM Courses

After many discussions, at the IHM we’ve come to the conclusion that while online courses can be helpful, where homoeopathy is concerned they are really most effective as a continuation of a course given in person, and that they can’t replace the experience of studying in a classroom, with a teacher.

This is especially true when learning to work with Boenninghausen’s Repertory, and reorienting work principles, attitudes and methods to the Organon. Hahnemann gave very clear instructions on case-taking and management, instructions which for the most part are reduced to “philosophy” in many schools, if they are studied at all. Although the learning in courses around the world often has relevance, when going back to the origins, much has to be unlearned. This includes abandoning images of personalities, the Sepia washerwoman and the blond-haired blue-eyed weepy Pulsatilla, the over-sexed Platina or the ragged philosopher Sulphur. On the one hand this takes all the fun out of studying remedies, but it is replaced with CERTAINTY in prescribing and this is what we strive for, this is the essence of the job.

We are automatically at a disadvantage when looking for certainty. Conventional medicines have a degree of certainty because they don’t stimulate the organism into action, they force it into submission. The homoeopathic system of medicine works based on accurate case-taking which brings the organism into dialogue with the remedy, which stimulates it into curative action. And every dialogue is different.

In order to unlearn and learn again, it is necessary to have the messages of the Organon presented in a way that cannot be shunted to one side as philosophy. During the cases presented in the intensives in Seville, aphorisms of the Organon are presented within case-taking and case-management context. The message is hammered in.  Case-taking becomes more focused, more accurate, and less time consuming.  Case management becomes clearer.

We feel online work is best suited to questions, monthly discussions, podcasts and other material, which will be available for IHM students after studying the intensive.  The courses we’re offering now are structured in this format, a 4 or 5 day intensive followed by six months of follow-up contact.

The Intensive – which we’ve also termed elsewhere as the IHM Gold Standard seminar for case-taking – can be experienced individually or in groups. You’ll find more about the whys, hows, (and the how much) in the video below: