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Viewed through proving: Bryonia and Rhus Tox, together forever…

Viewed through proving: Bryonia and Rhus Tox, together forever…

Spot the differences

The whole question of movement aggravates or ameliorates in Bryonia and Rhus Tox is so frequently highlighted, but what about the full remedies?  What makes them so similar?  What else can be used to differentiate them? Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Bryonia – expect the unexpected

Viewed through proving: Bryonia – expect the unexpected

In a recent facebook post I asked readers where they would least expect to see the following symptom:

“It is intolerable to him to keep the affected part still, he moves it up and down.”

Understandably, most opted for Bryonia.  Of course.  We know of Bryonia as the remedy for those who have to keep completely still.  For those who are so sensitive that even if you jar their beds slightly they go into paroxysms of whatever they are suffering from at the time.

It is true that when symptoms agree, Bryonia will be relevant in this need to keep still.  Rhus Tox will be relevant in the need to move.  However, to quote from Porgy and Bess – it ain’t necessarily so.  The above symptom appears as symptom 593 in the proving of Bryonia. Continue reading