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Viewed through Proving: Calc-Carb – last one for the road…

The patient comes in doubled over in pain from stomach ache.
The mother reports that the child always bends forwards with colic.
The patient reports that he feels so tired he just feels he has to close his eyes the whole time.
The patient reports that his legs ache, he just has to sit down.

I ask in each case – does that make you feel better?  Do you feel better from lying down, sitting down, rubbing the part, bending double?   They answer – not really,  I just feel I have to do it. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Calc-Carb (and a good cup of coffee)

Yes, the title of this post has no relevance whatsoever to the content.  But it’s Sunday morning.  As if that explains anything…

What better way to start the week than to read some of Hahnemann’s prescribing notes regarding Calc Carb?  Well, probably a really good cup of coffee at your favourite “work-café”… true confessions of a coffee-drinking homoeopath… Continue reading