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Are homoeopaths killing homoeopathy?

The article below was written by Gary Weaver and posted on the IHM main site.  You can see the original here.  I have deliberately “amped up” the headline. 

Homoeopathy has been under attack almost since its inception.  The principle  of cure by similars was too foreign, the idea that very small amounts can stimulate the body to heal itself was too bizarre, and cures were dismissed as a “fluke”, as placebo, even when the cures involved babies or animals.  In addition, our society is still used to the idea that the body must be nagged at like a recalcitrant child – if it doesn’t respond to a medicine, give more.  This has resulted in an addicted society – most people I see today are addicted to some form of medicine, whether anti-depressants, analgesics, anti-biotics, nasal sprays, prescription and non-prescription medications for indigestion and heartburn – the list goes on and on.  People have learned to bless modern medicine for providing these means for palliation.  They have learned to fear any threat to the supply of their fixes. Continue reading

IHM in Jerusalem: intensive training, 26-29 December 2016

ihm-logo-nov-2016U.S.A. U.K. Hong Kong. Spain. Israel.
Registered Office: Calle Guadalupe 5, 1B. 41003 Seville, Spain.
E-Mail: education@instituteforhomoeopathicmedicine.com
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Dear Colleague.

The I.H.M. has successfully conducted 7 teaching Modules since relocating to Seville Spain in June of 2016 for a number of students, of which two were placed on our Register due to their outstanding grasp of Homoeopathy and demonstrated abilities. The remaining students of the courses, with a little more work will probably enter the Register sometime in 2017. Continue reading

Relearning Homoeopathy


By Gary Weaver

One of the saddest things in a 30 year career is realising that several years of my practice were conducted using incorrect information and wrong thinking.

I have had the privilege of being able to travel the world and spend time examining original documents and being able to commit to the study of Hahnemann’s writings in detail. Continue reading

מתנה לחג – ראיון עם הומאופת מוביל מאוסטרליה

בקישור הזה תמצאו ראיון בין גארי ווייבר והומאופת מוביל מאוסטרליה,  קן ד’אראן.  לקן נסיון עשיר של כ- 30 שנה בטיפול הומאופתי, הוראה ומחקר.  הוא חבר מכון הנמן בסידני (בניהולו של ג’ורג’ דימיטריאדיס) לחקר ההומאופתיה ושיטות עבודתם של הנמן ובונינגהאוזן.

 כדאי להקשיב!  תהנו.