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דברי הנמן: מה לעשות כשהמטופל אינו מקשיב…

להלן כמה מילים של הנמן בנושא המטופל שאינו מכבד את הטיפול או את המטפל – מילים אלו הופיעו בספרו של ברדפורד על חייו של סמואל הנמן  כדאי…ודרך אגב, ספר זה מופיע בטקסטים של תוכנת הסינופסיס של P&W…

כן, באנגלית, אבל חובה לכל מטפל…!

Hahnemann’s opinion regarding the practice of medicine

Coethen, June 19, 1826.

Dear Colleague :

” I thank you, your dear sister and your friends for your remembrance of my birthday. I see from that the interest you take in me and in our good cause. I thank you also for your news about yourself and your pleasing family affairs

I learned from that your juvenile age, and can now easily understand bow it is that you have gone on so rapidly with the antipsoric treatment

Your want of success in the cases you have recorded is certainly owing to the rapid change of the remedies, the often unfitting dynamization and dilution and the too large doses. Once you have spoilt matters with these three faults for about four weeks, it is very difficult to set them right again

My advice is that you abide rigorously by the precepts contained in my book on “Chronic Diseases ;” and, if possible, go still further than I have done, in allowing a still longer period for the antipsoric remedies to exhaust their action, in administering still smaller doses than I have advised, and in dynamising all antipsoric medicines up to 30 -You appear not to possess them all yet

You should also, seeing that you can have no great need of money, living with your parents, make your visits to your patients rarer ; keep up your dignity, and more frequently withdraw your attendance on patients who do not show sufficient confidence in you, if they do not show more respect for you and your art

“You should never allow yourself to be dismissed, but whenever a patient does not do exactly as you desire, or ceases to talk in becoming terms, you should at once take leave of him ; You don’t act as I wish, but do so and so against my orders ; employ whom you will, I will have nothing more to do with you ; and this do to one after another ; to all who even speak of Homoeopathy in a doubting tone, or do anything else unbecoming, be off at once

This would at first deprive you of a few patients who are of no importance, but in course of time, if you persist in your authoritative manner, you will be respected and sought after, and none will dare to use any liberties with you. It is better to be without patients, and devote yourself to study, keeping up your dignity, than to stand in such a relation with patients

“The latter should thank God if you design to accept them and treat them or your excellent system, and they must be content to be reproached by you for the senseless manner in which they had allowed themselves to be injured by the Allopaths, so that you could scarcely hope to effect a cure of such ruined constitutions

If any of your patients is not entirely submissive dismiss him summarily, even though by such conduct you should only retain two, or one single patient, or should be left without any

They would return by degrees, with more respect, submissiveness and humility, and more disposed to pay well

Do you not make the patient affected with chronic diseases, who can walk, come to your house ? Who could submit to the degradation of visiting a patient who had gone out in the meantime and allowed you to come in vain ?  The chronic patients you must make visit you, even the highest among them ; and if they won’t come, let them stay away. You must take a higher standing. Rather suffer penury, which you are not likely to do, than abate one jot of your own dignity, or that of the art you practice

Letter to Dr. Eberhardt

In another letter written later in the same year, to one Dr. Eberhardt, of Merseberg, Hahnemann says : Brit. Jl. of Hom., Vol. XI., p. 70. Allg. Hom. Zeitung, Vol. X liv., p. 38

You are much too timid, much too obsequious to your patients, like the Allopaths, who are glad if they can only keep their patients as their clients. It should not be so. If you are. perfectly conversant with your art you must command absolutely-not allow your patient to make conditions

” He must obey you, not you him. To this end, in order that you may be perfectly free, you must limit your expenses at first, in order that you may not experience want, even though but few patients should seek your advice. You will be able to cure those few patients all the better and more certainly if you devote the necessary care to their cases, and you will have time for study. For we Homoeopathists cannot go too deep into our art

But if we have made ourselves masters of it, then may, then must we, indeed, comport ourselves with dignity. In order to spare our precious time and to keep up our dignity we must not pay visits to any patient with a chronic disease, were he even a prince, if he is able to come to us

We must only visit acute cases and such as are confined to bed. Those who are able to go about, but will not come to your house for advice, may stay away, it must not be otherwise. Anything like running after patients, as the Allopaths do, is degrading

You go to visit your patient, the servant maid tells you he is not at home, he is at the theatre, hag gone out for a drive, etc. Pah ! You must go on to a second or a third, like an Allopath or a beggar. Fie on it !  Further, every time the patient comes to see you, you must make him pay you your fee for your trouble at once ; it may be one or two shillings only from poor people, from rich ones as many crowns

If you make that arrangement and everyone knows of it, then your patient will always have his money with him ; and if he does not come any more he may stay away. If, however, he have not got the money with him you may put off the consultation for an hour or two, so as to give him time to go and get it and bring you the remuneration for your trouble

” Money gives courage, even though it be not a large sum ; if I have got what is due in my pocket, then I feel that I am not working for nothing, that I am not dependent on every one’s favor, and fearful lest I may not be paid

How does Mr.-, the privy councillor pay you ? I imagine the greater part of your fees is on credit, and hereafter when you remind him of payment, you will get no very kind looks, some reproaches, and probably no payment

“Under such circumstances it is impossible to be in good spirits. After the treatment is over he will have forgotten all the trouble you have had with him. The world is ungrateful !  Rich patients also should pay at each consultation immediately, or once a month ; otherwise they might go away without paying. If you do not manage matters in this way, then you will be worse off than the most abject wretch. I said that you were timid. Running about paying visits takes away one’s courage and makes one timid

From timidity, for fear you should lose him, you have given Mr. – , far too much medicine, and that far too frequently, thereby you do not improve him, you make him worse, you will never succeed in retaining this patient

He cannot be restored quickly, he must have patience for years to come, and that he will not have, worried, tormented and rendered impatient, as he has been by Allopaths and apothecaries

” It is to be supposed that Homoeopathy can perform miracles, but it cannot do that, least of all where the patient is not quite a convert to your system, nor so conversant with it as to presume that beyond our art there is no cure for him

Entirely unacquainted as this gentleman is with our art, he will be unable to withstand the persuasions of his Allopathic friends to give up, and to allow himself to be done to death in some bathing place by doctors of the old school

” I tell you again you will not be able to prevent this. Even had he implicit confidence, which he has not, you would not be able to restore him in less than a year. So I advise you to get rid of him and not to take any more such difficult cases among persons of rank until you can assert your dignity and ensure obedience to your absolute commands, which must be unquestioningly obeyed

So the gentleman wants to make it a condition that he shall drink wine and coffee ! For God’s sake let him take himself off, he will do you no credit !   All my patients of rank affected with chronic diseases must have read the ‘Organon’ and Boenninghausen’s Homoeopathy, otherwise I will not undertake their treatment

Yours sincerely

Samuel Hahnemann

Coethen, August 24, 1829

להתחיל להכיר את הרפרטורי של בונינגהאוזן ותוכנת P&W

להלן קליפ ראשון – תתחילו להכיר את תוכנת הרפרטורי של בונינגהאוזן.

שבוע טוב,