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Viewed through proving: Phosphoric Acid and headaches

head painWhat headache is your patient dealing with? What makes it better, and what makes it worse? Does it extend, and if so – where to? Here’s Phosphoric Acid’s headache from Hahnemann’s proving in Chronic Diseases. Bold italics are mine. Continue reading

Viewed through Proving: Nitric-Acid, Overview, Carriages and the importance of Why

amelioration or aggravation?

amelioration or aggravation?

The proving of Nitric Acid is one of the larger ones, with 1423 recorded symptoms.  The top groupings of symptoms are Lower Extremities, Stomach, Sleep and Dreams, Male and Female Genitalia and symptoms relating to respiration including cough, sneezing, and coryza.  To be expected.  Also to be expected are the areas where there are a relatively high number of symptoms in bold – meaning symptoms that stood out in the proving in terms of their frequency amongst provers. Continue reading