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Viewed through Proving: Iodium thoughts

viewed through proving defaultThe symptoms found in the proving of Iodium overlap with many other remedies. Apart from the possibility of using thyroid issues as a pointer to this remedy, something that should be done with caution to ensure the presenting symptoms are within the prescribing picture, the mental picture from the proving is worth considering. Continue reading

Viewed through Proving: Iodine – the Purple of Remedies


Lately I have been working on an Iodine case which has led me to delve deeper into a remedy I have not prescribed frequently in the past. In fact, my most recent prescription of Iodine prior to this case was for a wiry bike-rider in his fifties, with a very fast metabolism and a very short fuse (or in polite BritSpeak, a tendency to fisticuffs). The remedy was helpful but the case in no way prepared me for my current Iodine patient, who is very different. I plan to report more details of this case at a later time. My initial hesitation in prescribing a remedy that has so far proved to be clearly and dramatically curative in this case was the result of the bike-riding prejudice – let this be a warning to you! Do not hold “images” or “essences” in your mind when reviewing remedies – they will hinder the prescribing process. Continue reading