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10 Tips for working with homoeopathy provings

Some things are certain...

Some things are certain…

Don’t think I haven’t noticed. Some of you are very interested in articles on provings, and some of you avoid them like the plague. It would be easy enough to blame it all on students who don’t want to read lengthy shopping lists of gory symptoms – but many, if not most practitioners don’t read provings either. Continue reading

Restrictions during homoeopathic treatment: In search of the tone of the distant flute

distant flute“…in the dead of night, when all the sounds of day are hushed and perfect stillness prevails, the undisturbed ear distinctly perceives the softest tone of a distant flute…”

Reading Hahnemann is often a bracing experience.    When I read his thoughts, which he expresses so succinctly and sharply, I find myself looking at my practice and wondering…  Hahnemann’s introduction to China offers many expressions of the bracing sort… This particular subject, relating to medications and lifestyle of the patient while in treatment , appears in Hahnemann’s notes on his proving of China. Continue reading

Hahnemann’s warning to prescribers – beware of disease names…

typhoidHahnemann’s warning to prescribers – beware of disease names…

Treating fibromyalgia? pneumonia? asthma? cancer? gingivitis? diptheria? meningitis?

In his introductions to provings, Hahnemann often gives a list of diseases where the remedy in question has been helpful.  Many seem to see this as a clear therapeutic indication for the diseases named.  It is noticeable that Hahnemann himself, a very prolific writer, did not write any form of therapeutic catalogue. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Opium, primary and secondary action

The Perfidious Poppy

“It is much more difficult to estimate the action of opium than of almost any other drug.”

You may already be familiar with my penchant for tables.  There’s a quote below which in usual unwieldy translation of originally unwieldy German is difficult to read.  Here’s the information in table form, and then read the quote: Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Chamomilla and the Cafe Klatsch

“When I awake in the morning…I have the power of thinking and the activity of an oyster.”

“When I awake in the morning” writes a genteel, consummate coffee-drinking lady, “I have the power of thinking and the activity of an oyster.”

This comparison, taken from Hahnemann’s article on coffee in his Lesser Writings, was new to me.  However, in the early pre-coffee hours of the morning, I found I could relate – although I did find myself wondering where the pearls come into it.

Coffee holds pride of place in the proving of Chamomilla, showing up 14 times in the introduction and symptoms, mainly relating to its harmful nature and to the ability of this remedy to antidote coffee’s harmful effects.  Amongst other symptoms, it can trigger vertigo, toothache, nausea and vomiting. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: the not-so-serene Chamomilla

Cuppa tea, Chamomilla darlin’?

As practitioners reading this blog will confirm, we often learn the most valuable lessons from our patients.

A patient mentioned to me that recently she found herself irritable and snappy, and didn’t quite know why.  It turned out that since she stopped drinking coffee on a previous homeopath’s instructions, she had been drinking large amounts of chamomile tea. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Bryonia and Rhus Tox, together forever…

Viewed through proving: Bryonia and Rhus Tox, together forever…

Spot the differences

The whole question of movement aggravates or ameliorates in Bryonia and Rhus Tox is so frequently highlighted, but what about the full remedies?  What makes them so similar?  What else can be used to differentiate them? Continue reading