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Homoeopathy – recommended reading

booksRecently I saw a series of responses to a request for recommendations of books on homoeopathy. Predictably, nothing by Hahnemann was recommended. The list – for those who want to know – ranged from Kent’s philosophy, through Vithoulkas, Boericke, Clarke, Coulter, and all the usual suspects. Just not the Organon. No original Hahnemannian provings. No earlier writings at all, really. Continue reading

Viewed through Proving: Digitalis, not just heart disease…

not just a pretty/dangerous flower

not just a pretty/dangerous flower

13 suicidal men?
Becher ; Dr. Franz ; Dr. Gross ; Hornburg ; Jahr. ; Dr. Langhammer ; J. Lehmann ; Meyer ; Piepers ; Dr. Rueckert ; Medical Counselor – Dr. Stapf ; Teuthorn ; Dr. Trinks. Continue reading

Synopsis Software, Boenninghausen, and more

The following discussion was presented by Gary Weaver on our parent site and on hpathy.com.  To read the original click here.

synopsis 2012 logo

A discussion of the features available from and benefits of the Polony & Weaver OpenRep SYNOPSIS software Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Nitric-Acid without borders

nitric acid bottleWhen I studied Nitric-Acid in school, much was made of its action on margins of orifica – around the mouth, lips, everywhere, as Farrington puts it “wherever skin and mucous membrane come together”.  This description appears in Farrington’s Clinical Materia Medica, first published in 1887.    Boger also presents this symptom in his Synoptic Key, published in 1915, and Phatak in his Materia Medica, published originally in 1977.  However, although the remedy does have ulcers, warts, fissures etc. in every conceivable place (and some inconceivable places), the proving itself does not bear out the centrality of this action, and other materia medica noticeably do not stress it.

This is another example of a bias which much has been made of and which has led to a mistaken perception of a remedy personality – and Nit-Ac is often presented as a remedy describing people who have problems with margins, emotional difficulty with borders and people invading their space. Continue reading

The cheapest and most effective homoeopathy course

warning: this post may make you think...

warning: this post may make you think…

I have seen so many queries on the internet about the best school to study homoeopathy. About the costs of effective foundation courses. But if someone sincerely wants to study and afterwards practice homoeopathy – their best initial option for true foundation studies is to avoid the schools altogether.

So what’s the cheapest and most effective way to study homoeopathy? Continue reading

Viewed through Proving: Nitric-Acid, Overview, Carriages and the importance of Why

amelioration or aggravation?

amelioration or aggravation?

The proving of Nitric Acid is one of the larger ones, with 1423 recorded symptoms.  The top groupings of symptoms are Lower Extremities, Stomach, Sleep and Dreams, Male and Female Genitalia and symptoms relating to respiration including cough, sneezing, and coryza.  To be expected.  Also to be expected are the areas where there are a relatively high number of symptoms in bold – meaning symptoms that stood out in the proving in terms of their frequency amongst provers. Continue reading

10 tips for when the remedy isn’t working…

Many of us have seen and experienced the amazing things homoeopathy can do.  That’s what keeps us in this difficult profession right?  But sometimes the best, most carefully chosen remedy just doesn’t seem to take.   The following are tips for when the chosen remedy doesn’t seem to be working – please note, these are only some of the elements that must be checked. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Opium distortions

Opium – not a perfume for pain-relief…

Well, did you find Hahnemann’s prescribing tip in his introduction in my last post?  It is one of the most important points to note about how to use the remedy, and also reinforces the need for correct practice in all cases of homoeopathic prescribing.

Opium does not cause any pain when given in proving.  It’s unusual that way.  As Hahnemann informs us, most remedies, if given in proving, will cause some pain.  Continue reading

10 Tips for Homoeopathy Students

Read Primary Sources!

10 Tips for Homoeopathy Students

1.  Read the Organon yourself.  Read Chronic Diseases.  Read Hahnemann and Boenninghausen’s Lesser Writings.  You are not a baby, don’t stick to the pureed version.

2. Never let anything go unchallenged.  Ask why, and if you don’t get answers from your teachers look for them yourself.  This includes everything from the law of similars, to plastic cups, dosing methods, antidotes, choices of remedies, concepts of miasms. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: The hardened criminals of Hahnemann’s materia medica

a hardened criminal

The Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement are approaching.  Traditionally the New Year is a time for deep soul searching, for seeking to atone for our sins. Which led me to thoughts on sinning in general and on sin in the materia medica in particular. Continue reading