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ד"ר קרוזריו

מאחר שד”ר קרוזריו מופיע במאמרו של דוד ליטל ובמקורות אחרים, הנה תקציר קורות חייו מאת פטר מורל, המובא ממאמרו ב-Homeoint.  לטקסט המלא של המאמר לחץ כאן.  חיפשתי תמונה של ד”ר קרוזריו – לצערי לא מצאתי.

Dr Croserio

Dr Felix Croserio is a little known yet very important figure during Hahnemann’s final years in Paris. He was born in 1786 at Condove in Savoy. He studied in Turin, and did military service in 1806 as a French Army Surgeon, following campaigns in Spain, Germany and Russia until 1814. He went back to Turin for his MD in 1812, leaving the Army as a Senior Physician after Napoleon’s downfall and settled in Paris as a practitioner. He became acquainted with homoeopathy in 1833 through a Dr Petroz and studied eagerly, learning German at the same time. He edited for some years, along with Dr Leon Simon (1798-1867) and Dr Jahr (1800-1875), the `Annales de la Medecine Homoeopathique’. He also wrote many essays, his influential `La Statistique de la Médecine Homoeopathique’ and in 1850 `Manuel Homoeopathie d’Obstétrique’. He was Physician for a time to the Embassy of the King of Sardinia in Paris and was attached to several charities. He was trusted completely as an intimate friend of Hahnemann – he and Dr Jahr being the only physicians to attend Hahnemann at his last. He was also Melanie’s chief assistant and constant companion after Samuels death, and helped her compile her case for the Lawyers at her trial in 1847. He also corresponded with the American homoeopaths. He died in Paris 69 years old on 13 April 1855, ominously 3 days after the 100th anniversary of Samuel’s birth and thus in what must have been a very bleak time for Melanie. (see Haehl, 1922, vol 2, p506)