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Viewed through proving: Camphor’s alternating nature

devilWhen I first came across Camphor as a student, my first thought was “hell freezing over”. The intense cold, the feverish heat, the intermingling and alternation of the two as they tortured the patient…

In the proving, this heat and cold is strongly expressed, internally and externally, through the whole body and in individual parts.

This partial proving has a total of 345 rubrics. Amongst them, we can see approximately 26 mentions of heat (including warmth and burning), and approximately 33 mentions of cold and chill. Opposite sensations are even presented in the same symptoms, alternating or simultaneous, for example: Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Camphor and cholera

cholera noticeLooking at the proving of Camphor, and especially when looking for early cases where this remedy was used, we inevitably find ourselves looking at the cholera epidemics of the 19th century. Continue reading

Taking the case – and the teacher’s dilemma


Recently my colleague Gary Weaver posted an article by Carol Dunham on case-taking. The article was wise, learned, extensive and – let’s face it – somewhat wordy. Extremely wordy.  So on an initial reading, the brilliance of the actual comments regarding case-taking becomes dulled, presented within an analytical and theoretical context which is either familiar from the Organon, or Dunham’s own form of analysis which is not a matter of consensual self-evident fact. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Phosphoric Acid and headaches

head painWhat headache is your patient dealing with? What makes it better, and what makes it worse? Does it extend, and if so – where to? Here’s Phosphoric Acid’s headache from Hahnemann’s proving in Chronic Diseases. Bold italics are mine. Continue reading

10 Tips for working with homoeopathy provings

Some things are certain...

Some things are certain…

Don’t think I haven’t noticed. Some of you are very interested in articles on provings, and some of you avoid them like the plague. It would be easy enough to blame it all on students who don’t want to read lengthy shopping lists of gory symptoms – but many, if not most practitioners don’t read provings either. Continue reading

Hahnemann nails the argument…

By Vera Resnick

hahnemannIn his preface to the proving of Arsenicum Album in Chronic Diseases, Hahnemann really nails many of the arguments we face in our own, modern allopathically brainwashed societies today. Rather than comment, here is Hahnemann in his own pithy, erudite, and very sharp words. I’ve highlighted some words in bold. This is only an excerpt. There’s more. Go read.


“As I write down the word Arsenic, momentous memories seize upon my soul. Continue reading

Homoeopathy – recommended reading

booksRecently I saw a series of responses to a request for recommendations of books on homoeopathy. Predictably, nothing by Hahnemann was recommended. The list – for those who want to know – ranged from Kent’s philosophy, through Vithoulkas, Boericke, Clarke, Coulter, and all the usual suspects. Just not the Organon. No original Hahnemannian provings. No earlier writings at all, really. Continue reading

Studying from Provings: Characteristics of Remedies

monet“…So too with disease and medicines. A person familiar with the provings, will know of the characteristics of individual medicines.. He will know by its sphere of action, by its peculiar affinity to certain organs or types of action on the economy what medicines will produce certain symptoms ALWAYS in a peculiar manner to that drug, even if he has NEVER seen it in a location as is displayed before him in a case of disease. He will know the medicine by its feel, by its type of action and by its peculiar and characteristic expression, so much so that he will recognise it immediately  just like a snippet of a painting on canvas, when he sees it..”

Continue reading

Is it too late?

Posted in the Institute for Homeopathy’s main site by Dr. Gary Weaver.  To read the original click here.

“…………….Over excitement with the ideas of delusions and dreams might have caused some of our prescriptions to go prejudiced or in the totally wrong direction. Proving symptoms are the most reliable. with direct symptoms from the provers, we don’t need to look elsewhere. There are no preconceived notions of remedy pictures, just the symptoms of the patient.” Rajan Sankaran.

With these words, the single biggest influence on modern homoeopathic practice, “The Sensation Method” has been admitted to as being a false and misleading doctrine. For the vast majority of people in practice in the West, it has invalidated everything that they have been taught or believe. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: looking back at 2013

Nuts and BoltsThe remedies reviewed so far include: Alumina, Arnica, Bryonia, Calcarea Carbonica, Chamomilla, Ignatia, Lycopodium, Mercury, Nitric Acid, Nux Vomica, Opium, Platina, Rhus Tox, Sulphur and Veratrum Album.

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