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Viewed through proving: IGNATIA’s alternating symptoms

Alternating Ignatia

OK, you prescribed Ignatia.  You’re absolutely sure of the remedy.  You’ve looked at it, repped it, slept on it, thought about it, checked materia medica, checked your patient notes, and you know.  You just do.

You gave the remedy and it did nothing.  Or it aggravated but didn’t seem to do anything interesting, worthwhile or exciting for homoeopathy.  But you were absolutely certain! Continue reading

Viewed through proving: mystery remedy…

want to be aloneLadies and gentlemen – a mystery. Not really, but I’d like you to look at the symptoms below before scrolling down, and think what remedy proving they belong to.

– Anxiety, thinks he will be ruined (aft. 1 h..).
– Anxiety in the region of the heart, with suicidal impulse, and feeling of inclination to vomit in the scrobiculus cordis.
– Trembling anxiety, as if about to die (aft. 1 h.).
– Anxious solicitude about his health.
– Restless state of the disposition, as if he did not do his duty properly (aft. 18 h.).
– Extreme hesitancy.
– Neglect of his business, hesitancy, sobbing respiration and loss of composure.
– Sometimes he wants to do one thing, sometimes another, and when he is given something to do, he will not do it (aft. 10 h.).
– Dull, cross, very chilly.
– Sullen, lachrymose, anxious. [Stf.]
– He is very silent. [Fr. H-n.]
– He hesitates in his speech; it vexes him to have to answer.
– Everything disgusts him; everything is repugnant to him.
– Her head is so quiet and all about her is so empty as if she were alone in the house and in the world: she does not wish to talk to anyone, just as if all around her were no concern of hers and she belonged to nobody. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Camphor and cholera

cholera noticeLooking at the proving of Camphor, and especially when looking for early cases where this remedy was used, we inevitably find ourselves looking at the cholera epidemics of the 19th century. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Veratrum and the Porcelain Throne

so pretty... so poisonous...

so pretty… so poisonous…

There once was an advert here for a medicine (conventional) for constipation.  The advert was accompanied by scary music and the wording went something like:  “Have you had enough of nightmares in the bathroom?”  More scary music, then announcement of the magic medicine together with music to relax to…

Fearful in the bathroom?  Veratrum has it: Continue reading

Viewed through Proving: Alumina – Overview and some things perhaps you didn’t know…

One last look at Alumina before the weekend.  Here goes…

The Alumina proving has a respectable 1161 symptoms, representing all systems in the body.  The proving is a compilation by Hahnemann of symptoms gained from a Hartlaub and Trinks proving, symptoms added by Hahnemann from a slightly different preparation, and symptoms from Dr. H. G. Bute from Philadelphia. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Nitric-Acid without borders

nitric acid bottleWhen I studied Nitric-Acid in school, much was made of its action on margins of orifica – around the mouth, lips, everywhere, as Farrington puts it “wherever skin and mucous membrane come together”.  This description appears in Farrington’s Clinical Materia Medica, first published in 1887.    Boger also presents this symptom in his Synoptic Key, published in 1915, and Phatak in his Materia Medica, published originally in 1977.  However, although the remedy does have ulcers, warts, fissures etc. in every conceivable place (and some inconceivable places), the proving itself does not bear out the centrality of this action, and other materia medica noticeably do not stress it.

This is another example of a bias which much has been made of and which has led to a mistaken perception of a remedy personality – and Nit-Ac is often presented as a remedy describing people who have problems with margins, emotional difficulty with borders and people invading their space. Continue reading

Viewed through Proving: Nitric-Acid, Overview, Carriages and the importance of Why

amelioration or aggravation?

amelioration or aggravation?

The proving of Nitric Acid is one of the larger ones, with 1423 recorded symptoms.  The top groupings of symptoms are Lower Extremities, Stomach, Sleep and Dreams, Male and Female Genitalia and symptoms relating to respiration including cough, sneezing, and coryza.  To be expected.  Also to be expected are the areas where there are a relatively high number of symptoms in bold – meaning symptoms that stood out in the proving in terms of their frequency amongst provers. Continue reading

10 tips for when the remedy isn’t working…

Many of us have seen and experienced the amazing things homoeopathy can do.  That’s what keeps us in this difficult profession right?  But sometimes the best, most carefully chosen remedy just doesn’t seem to take.   The following are tips for when the chosen remedy doesn’t seem to be working – please note, these are only some of the elements that must be checked. Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Opium distortions

Opium – not a perfume for pain-relief…

Well, did you find Hahnemann’s prescribing tip in his introduction in my last post?  It is one of the most important points to note about how to use the remedy, and also reinforces the need for correct practice in all cases of homoeopathic prescribing.

Opium does not cause any pain when given in proving.  It’s unusual that way.  As Hahnemann informs us, most remedies, if given in proving, will cause some pain.  Continue reading

Viewed through proving: Opium aggravates

Most of Opium’s proving symptoms can be summarized very simply in the following words:  Opium aggravates.

The best overview of this remedy is that which Hahnemann gives in the introduction to the proving – so here it is. Go on, read the whole thing. You know you can do it.  For those who get bored quickly, look for an important prescribing tip in the text relating to how to prescribe Opium effectively homoeopathically for pain relief.

Read on! Continue reading