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Homoeopathy at Wikipedia – research and pathological scepticism

wikipediaI’m often told that there is no research showing the benefits of homoeopathy and much research showing that it is nothing more than placebo at best and pure charlatanism/lunacy at worst.  Of course, those who express such learned opinions usually have no idea what homoeopathy is, and when asked parrot something vague about tiny doses and, on a good day, some garbled version of “cure by similars”.

Wikipedia, the source of information for many of the learned masses, is particularly delinquent in its treatment of homoeopathy.  The following is excerpted from an article by Dana Ullman who tried to rectify the situation in 2014.  Judging from today’s Wikipedia entry on homoeopathy, any such attempts have not yet been successful.  Continue reading

IHM forums: a new homoeopathy research and info resource

Bring your own coffee!

You are invited to participate in the new IHM discussion forums.  In addition to providing a place where IHM members can hang out, if you’re serious about researching and learning more about homoeoopathy-related issues, as a practitioner or for your own personal knowledge, you can post your discussion topic in the area marked Questions from Non-Members.

Here’s the original post – you can also see it on the main IHM site.


Welcome to the I.H.M. forums. This is a meeting place for members of the Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine faculty and graduates. There are a number of private boards on here which cannot be viewed except by being an I.H.M. member.

We decided to open up the board for non I.H.M. practitioners for research and information purposes. The Institute has a lot of digital material and works closely with its associate company P&W, makers of the OpenRep SYNOPSIS repertory program. http://homeopathyonline.org For reasons of disclosure, Polony and Weaver at P&W, the makers of the SYNOPSIS. are both members of the Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine faculty.  The I.H.M was founded in 1988 as a teaching organisation and has established a number of colleges throughout the world. With the advent and popularity of the internet, the I.H.M has moved away from fixed teaching centres and moved into a centralised web presence and online teaching and research resource. This way, a person can study in their own environment, in any country and over a cup of coffee.We offer membership of these forums, (not membership of the I.H.M.) to all genuine practitioners and researchers of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy. We do not condone or support practices that delve into a quasi spiritual or amateur psychological approach to a medical practice. Should you feel you could benefit from a resource that offers insight from original source material, please feel free to apply for an invitation.

Please remember that access is is by invitation only. On this basis, each application will be viewed by faculty members and a decision to invite or not will be made quickly. As a private organisation we reserve the right to cancel the access to forum interaction by any registered forum participant if we deem it necessary.