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Homoeopathy studies in extremis

hahnemann monument at Leipzig

Hahnemann monument in Leipzig

How long to study homoeopathy?  There are four-year courses which are considered very prestigious.  There are courses of several hours in some countries offered to medical doctors who wish to add some homoeopathic letters to their names – and it might be added here that the extent of instruction is often homoeopathic in terms of the size of the dose, but not necessarily the aptness of the prescription… Continue reading

The cheapest and most effective homoeopathy course

warning: this post may make you think...

warning: this post may make you think…

I have seen so many queries on the internet about the best school to study homoeopathy. About the costs of effective foundation courses. But if someone sincerely wants to study and afterwards practice homoeopathy – their best initial option for true foundation studies is to avoid the schools altogether.

So what’s the cheapest and most effective way to study homoeopathy? Continue reading