How Homoeopathy can Help You

homeopathy wordleFor the long version about homoeopathy, the principles it’s based on, the way the practitioner works with the case, please go to my article on the development of homoeopathy.

Practically speaking, here’s a description of the kind of cases I and other homoeopaths deal with on a regular basis:

Chronic and acute complaints in newborns and infants:
Colic, gas, ear infections, urinary infections, constipation/diarrhea, congestion and respiratory problems, eye complaints, skin complaints and more.

Chronic and acute complaints in adults:
Allergies, stomach and digestion issues, menstrual issues, chronic headaches, respiratory problems, canker sores, psoriasis, skin complaints, gout, back pain, urinary tract infections, excessive hair loss, fertility issues, menopause issues (instead of hormone replacement therapy) and much more.

Complaints during pregnancy:
Heartburn, nausea, vomiting, gas, anxiety, poor sleep, allergies, and much more.

Mental and emotional issues:
Homoeopathy can help avoid the need to take psychiatric medications when homoeopathic remedies are prescribed in conjunction with psychological treatment. In addition, homoeopathy can be used to help patients reduce psychiatric medications, in conjunction with conventional psychiatric treatment, assessment and monitoring.

Recovery after dental treatment, surgical intervention, falls and sprains:
Here homoeopathy can literally help you back on your feet again faster. Accurately prescribed remedies can reduce pain and swelling, and speed healing. Doctors are constantly amazed at the speed of recovery amongst patients who are using homoeopathy for this purpose, and at how these patients have less need for painkillers during the recovery process.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Homoeopathy only works if you work it. It’s essential to follow your homoeopath’s instructions to the letter regarding medications, ointments, supplements, and any other treatments you may be taking at the same time. Certain methods work well in conjunction with homoeopathy, such as chiropractic and osteopathy, but many will hinder or even antidote treatment. If you are in homoeopathic treatment, check with your homoeopath before starting any course of treatment, medications or supplements, and before applying any external topical creams to affected areas.

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