Welcome to the Hebrew website of OpenRep SYNOPSIS

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the online presence of the Hebrew version of the P & W Therapeutic Pocket Book translation 2012 edition. To the best of our knowledge this is the FIRST fully Hebrew Repertory with interface ever made.

The original P & W English version was translated from the handwritten notes of Boenninghausen (1842/3) and compared with the first printed edition. (1846). The version is a completely new and accurate revision of the original work. Each rubric was scrutinised using dictionaries of the 1800’s, and medical terms were translated in the true meaning of the day.

The P & W German edition retains the original layout but has been corrected for medicine name errors and for grammatical differences. Using the German Repertory as the keystone, each rubric used in a language translation has been numbered to correspond with the original German rubric. In this way, cross referencing has been enabled across English, German Spanish, and now Hebrew. We have other languages being translated at the moment.

Polony and Weaver wanted to present the Therapeutic Pocket Book in its original format and yet have an ACCURATE translation in other languages. To do that took several years of research and hard work, more than was anticipated. The end result is a Repertory that is useful and easy to use. It is the only Repertorial work praised by Hahnemann,

Polony and Weaver use the Repertory exclusively in their clinics. Remedy selection accuracy has increased dramatically, and case management is much easier to control. Practitioners who use the repertory, and take the time to learn the method, for it is somewhat different to Kent, have been amazed at the success they are having.

Welcome to the world of the P & W  in Hebrew.

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